New Museum of American Revolution Exhibits Revealed

The Museum of the American Revolution opens next month in Philadelphia. One of its exhibits is called “The Darkest Hour”, and it covers the period of late fall 1776 to 1778. This includes that part of the war known as the Philadelphia Campaign, from the Battle of Brandywine on 9/11/1777 to the march out from the Valley Forge encampment on 6/19/1778. See the link below for a description of the exhibit, which includes Revolutionary War weapons, stories of women, a feature on the Oneida Indians who were so helpful during the Battle of Barren Hill, stories from soldier Joseph Plumb Martin–a/k/a Private Yankee Doodle, and, of course, the Valley Forge Encampment itself. I cover The Philadelphia Campaign in my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, which will also be on sale at the Museum’s gift shop.
Check it out and learn about this important time in our nation’s history.


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