About Sheilah Vance


A lifelong resident of the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, area, Vance is a practicing attorney and award-winning author of the novels Chasing the 400, Land Mines, and the Christian inspirational book, Creativity for Christians: How to Tell Your Story and Stories of Overcoming from the Members of One Special Church. She is the president and CEO as well as the founder of The Elevator Group, LLC, an independent publishing company. She has a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in communications from the Howard University School of Communications, both in Washington, DC. Her first novel, Chasing the 400, was the first selection of the African American Museum of Philadelphia Book Club. Chasing the 400 and Land Mines were featured selections in the Black Expressions Book Club, a national subscription book-of-the-month club, and often in the Top 20 Bestsellers. A member of the Friends of Valley Forge National Park, she has done extensive research over five years on the activities of the local communities during the Revolutionary War.  The ebook, Six Days in December: General George Washington’s and the Continental Army’s Encampment on Rebel Hill, December 13 – 19, 1777, is a prequel to Becoming Valley Forge.  She currently lives in Paoli, Pennsylvania, on grounds formerly owned by General Anthony Wayne, one of the Revolutionary War generals who figures prominently in Becoming Valley Forge.

Email Sheilah at svance@theelevatorgroup.com and read more about her books and her publishing company, The Elevator Group, at www.TheElevatorGroup.com.