New Becoming Valley Forge Podcast

I just started a new podcast where I read the fiction chapters from my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, and then supplement each chapter with some real deal, non-fiction information about that period in our history, The Philadelphia Campaign of the Revolutionary War. I haven’t promoted it because I’m still learning how to speak in the most pleasing voice and not stumble over my words, but when this popped up today from an Apple search, I said, hey, what the heck, get it out there, your audience will understand that you are just doing you. Practice makes perfect, so keep checking back. Eventually, I’ll go through the entire book. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give me your feedback at Enjoy and learn! (You can also find it on other podcast platforms).


Resistance Is Patriotism on the Fourth of July – The Atlantic

Resistance Is Patriotism on the Fourth of July – The Atlantic
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Good article on the legacy of Independence Day, which I believe is resisting tyranny. The patriots resisted the foreign tyrant, King George. We must resist homegrown tyranny of all types, especially in our government. This Independence Day, I’m celebrating the real revolutionary values that led to the Declaration of Independence and to the Revolutionary War, where all types of people came together to fight for their freedom. I wrote about those people in my novel, Becoming Valley Forge.

Happy Independence Day!

Marching out of Valley Forge, June 19, 1778

On this day in 1778, Gen. George Washington and the Continental Army marched out of Valley Forge after a winter encampment that saw them lose some 2000 men to death and disease, yet a stronger army due to the training that occurred during the encampment. I spoke about Valley Forge, the Philadelphia Campaign of the Revolutionary War, and my novel, Becoming Valley Forge on Saturday, June 15 at a reunion of Schwenksville High School alumni. They gave me this great name tag, which I will treasure. You can read more about what happened at Valley Forge by clicking here, a blog I wrote in 2017 on my site,, that goes into much more detail, as well as in my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, on Amazon. God bless those Patriots! Peace—Sheilah

Remembering the nation’s veterans today, including the first ones…

Remembering the sacrifice of our veterans today, including the first ones as I did in my novel Becoming Valley Forge – Kindle edition by Sheilah Vance. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Thanks for your service & sacrifice.

Becoming Valley Forge – Kindle edition by Sheilah Vance. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Becoming Valley Forge.
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