Leaving Valley Forge with independence in sight

Sheilah Vance

About two weeks ago, I attended Heritage Night at the Valley Forge National Historic Park, sponsored by the Valley Forge Alliance.  This event commemorated the day the Continental Army left Valley Forge–June 19, 1778.

Map of Valley Forge and BrandywineThe army left Valley Forge more disciplined and as a better fighting force than when they marched in on December 19, 1777.  Unfortunately, some 2,000 died during the Valley Forge encampment.  Yet, the army persevered.

When the army left Valley Forge, they followed the British army, which had just left their winter quarters in Philadelphia and headed towards New York.  The Continental Army caught up with the British army at Monmouth, New Jersey where the patriots showed their new mettle as a better fighting force in the Battle of Monmouth..

The sacrifice of the Continental Army, George Washington and his generals, and all of those who supported them at Valley Forge is legendary.  It is one of…

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