Happy Thanksgiving!

Gulph MillsHappy Thanksgiving to everyone! As we all enjoy our time with family and friends, did you know that the first Thanksgiving that was celebrated as this new nation called the United States was celebrated on December 18, 1777 by order of the Continental Congress? And, on that day, General George Washington and 10,000 soldiers in the Continental Army celebrated Thanksgiving while they were encamped on my home ground, Rebel Hill and Gulph Mills in Pennsylvania. You can read more about that in my book, Six Days in December: General George Washington’s and the Continental Army’s Encampment on Rebel Hill–December 13 – 19, 1777, and my new novel, Becoming Valley Forge. Read about and buy both on my author page on Amazon or my website, http://www.theelevatorgroup.com. Have a great day! Peace.

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